Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Over the last few days we have learned alot about Ebay and what to do and not to do. Ebay has really taken large leaps over the last months and are purging people left and right. We were affected as were thousands of others. Things we have learned. Ebay is changing and not always for the better for the smaller sellers. If they restrict your account, they are still expecting you to improve your ratings, but you are limited and can't sell. Seems like these regulations weren't all thought through. On the bright side, there are thousands of people looking for alternatives to and So farewell ebay and, and all of your fees...

I have found Very neat website and estore possibilities are endless. We will be trying that one out first. Stay tuned for a link to our new eStore!

Other sites to checkout are:

For books, possibly and for CDs and DVDs.


  1. Hi, I hear you about selling on the big guys meaning eBay and others. Have you opened your store on ecrater yet? If so I would like the link. SELLING on ecrater is slow and needs constant promoting. But it is a challenge and better profit when you make a sell. Give it time and work at it, I have not sold nothing for over a month. But have been busy at other things. Don't give up it does pay my internet bill.

  2. Just following up. I did set up my store on eCrater, no sales so far.
    I also recently tried which has more traffic, but still no sales. The sites are: