Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Morning Everyone!!! It has been a long time since we have posted to the blog. Hopefully 2017 can be more consistent on a monthly basis. We have been very busy with life and trying to grow our online sales.
Do any of you all order these monthly subscription boxes?

They seem interesting and some resellers even order lootcrate for example to resell the items they receive.
Happy Holidays!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Neighbor House Remodel - Towel Racks

On a recent job, the following towel racks  were installed after the tiled shower walls were completed.  Here are a few after photos of the tile shower wall and the installed towel racks.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Seabrook Job - Shower Before and After

The Seabrook Job took approximately two weeks to complete from start to finish. The job that begun as tile floor, turned into a bathroom remodel. All in all the client was very happy with the finished bathroom. Below are some before and after photos. Enjoy!

Here are the before and after Shower photos. 

A close up of the built in shelves
Side of the Jacuzzi and shot of tile floor. The client also added the Marble vanity top.

Here are the before and after Jacuzzi photos.

Seabrook Job - Jacuzzi Tile Trim

Continuing with the Seabrook job details...... 
After the shower was completed, the client requested that tile trim be added to the Jacuzzi. The client wanted to replace the side shelf and add tile trim to the front and area behind the Jacuzzi.
Below are some photos of the Jacuzzi in progress of being completed.  Enjoy!!
Tiling the area behind the Jacuzzi


Close up of the tile in front of the Jacuzzi
Jacuzzi finished look after adding the tile trim

Seabrook Job - Tile Shower Install

After the tile floor installation was completed, next was to install the tile shower. 
The client wanted a seat inside the shower and built in shelves to put shampoos, soaps, etc.
Below are photos of the construction of the shower seat and shelves.

Shower Seat frame filled with cement
Shower Shelf and Tiling Shower
Cutting Tile for the shower
Installing the shower walls
Installing the other shower wall around the shelves
Shower Floor Border
Below are some shots of the shower after all of the tile install and shower head install. The Shower's glass doors were ordered from another company to be installed. 
Finished Shower with new Shower head
Tile to the ceiling

Shower seat and Shower border

Stay tuned for more updates and the finished before and after photos!!! Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Seabrook Job - Tile Installation

Following the plumbing work, faucet replacements and shower nozzle centered on the new shower area, the floor tile was installed in the bathroom and closet. 
Below are some photos of the tile installation in progress.

Installing Tile in the Closet and the completion of the Closet
Below are examples of the tile cuts needed to surround the Jacuzzi and the door to the bathroom:
Below are the tile cuts required for the shower. Also show the cement shower floor border that was custom made for the new tile shower.

And finally .....  Some photos of the finished tile floor after installation. 
Left: Bathroom        Right: Closet
Bathroom Toilet Area

Seabrook Job - Jacuzzi Faucet replacement

Continuing the bathroom remodel.... 

After the removal of all the tile and the existing shower, the client wanted the faucets replaced on the Jacuzzi.  Below is the view of before and after the faucet replacement. Also, the faucet in progress of being installed is shown below. The faucet was defective and had to replace a piece inside of the hot water handle

Before Replacement of Faucets view from below
After Replacement of Faucets view from below
In Progress
The Faucet that was purchased had a defect with one of the handles.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Seabrook Job - Shower Removal

After all the tile removal and closet carpet removal, the next step in the bathroom remodel was to remove the existing shower. The existing shower will be replaced with a custom tile shower. 
The existing shower removal is shown below.

View of top of shower
Removal of doors
Floor needed to be removal
The barrier was full of silicon
Shower walls
The new floor will need a new drain cover for the tile shower.