Friday, January 3, 2014

Super Laundry Sauce

Recently, I came across this article for Super Laundry Sauce. We made our first batch and I'm proud to say that the results were awesome! Laundry came out clean and fresh. These two jars will last for a while!

Check out the recipe here at this link:

Natural Furniture Cleaners tips

While cleaning out my emails, I ran across the following tips about Natural Furniture Cleaners.

  • White Vinegar will clean furniture without destroying the finish. 
  • Rub store-brought toothpaste gently over water rings on wood to remove them.
  • Use black tea to clean and fill in tiny scratches. Use brown crayon for large scratches.
The water ring idea we will definitely have to try!

While looking for some free printable Certificates for Gavin's completion of the second grade Science and Social Studies classes, I came across the following site. Very neat free printable certificates so I thought I would share.