Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer is almost here!!!!  We are ready even though we only get the weekend. One of the kids will have a daily summer school through June so July we will get a break.
We have been busy with school ending and other family events. So our creative thrifty family hasn't been creating anything new these days. But we have made a lot of changes in our families diet.

We tried to go Phosphate free. Not as easy to do as one may think. It was much harder than expected with three kids and all the events and school functions and such. Planning is definitely required. Yes, stores sell items that are Phosphate free, but you have to look alot. Read the labels throughout. I don't know about everyone else, but my kids don't maintain for that long in stores. So multiple runs to the grocery store throughout the week became a necessity.
Also, bread was an issue. So making your own from organic flour and yeast became another thing that was almost weekly.

Knowing how hard this transition is for those with kids, errands, jobs, busy schedules, etc, I will start posting simple weeknight meal ideas as they come to us.

Why did we do this? Well google "Phosphate the hidden drug" or check out the following link.

It is downright frustrating what all kinds of additives and chemicals we consume these days just for things to be cheaper. As well as the side effects these things can cause us. I will say that although the Attention and Defiance issues haven't completely resolved, the bed-wetting is now nil to very infrequent which really cut down on the electric bill by not having to wash so many sheets. Maybe that $$ can be diverted into this new diet and more organic menu.

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