Monday, September 23, 2013

This weekend we were going to complete the floor work. We went from carpet to a ceramic tile. All of the entryway, hallway, living room, and dining room were done previously. Only thing that remained the kitchen..... We started removing all items and the tile. Then the little surprises started. The previous owners had repaired a hole in the corner of the garage and stuck paint stirrer sticks and pieces of sheet rock inside to fill it. The sink or something near that plumbing had been leaking causing all the counter top and cabinets between the sink and the refrigerator to be rotten. Like falls to pieces in your hand rotten! So we ended up deciding that we are going to redo all the bottom cabinets with wood and make some modifications since the corner was not even being used. We will also be replacing the counter top with 2x12's and then tile over that. No particle board!!!!! We did successfully get all the tile down and grout completed. Now it's on to carpentry!

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