Sunday, February 23, 2014

Glad to getting back to normal! January 11th we took the kids fishing at Rollover. Forgot bait, so we bought some frozen fish. I should have known we weren't going to catch anything, but we went anyway.

Well Sunday I woke up and my left hand and right arm were burning like on fire. By Sunday night I have Johan take me to the ER in Webster. The ER sends me home with an antibiotic and some pain medicine.

Monday I'm no better.
Tuesday no improvments. So off to the doctor I go. Still nothing. The doctor says keep taking the antibiotics.
Wednesday the swelling is going up my arm. The blistering is all over my left top of my hand and right forearm.
Thursday I've had enough. Back to the ER on January 16. They admit me. Take an Xray and a tetanus shot later I'm in a room getting IV antibiotics and pain pills. After cultures for saltwater vibrio came back negative, the Infectious Disease doctor orders a skin biopsy from the dermatologist. The hand surgeon cuts off all the dead skin on the top of my left hand where the blisters were. More cultures and a biopsy to test for Microbacterium Marinum. I had never heard of that so googling yep you bet!

Still no results that were positive. So January 22, I get to go home with a home health to clean my wound so Johan can see what they do. That said I was glad to be home. Over the next two weeks, besides getting the range of motion back in my left hand, I got the results of the biopsies. They basically said no bacteria that was tested for and no allergic reaction.

I was and am glad that this was not something worse, but still wish I knew what the cause was.

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