Thursday, April 14, 2016

Misfit's Trek Review

This is a review of the "Misfit's Trek" book by John Blackport.
Here is the Amazon link:  Misfits Trek The Talan Revolt
This is the #4 book from the series "The Talan Revolt". This series is about a fantasy world in which characters have mutiple lives and can resurrect when killed. That said there is a lot of fighting and action in thie book. The story line is fast paced.

I really like the book and the series. They allow the reader to be emersed in the story and whisk you off to another world. 

Knowing Vera

I just completed reading the book "Knowing Vera" by Rachelle Ayala.
Amazon Link for Knowing Vera

The Vera character is definitely a piece of work. She has so much of a past and therapy to deal with it all that she is afraid to get close to anyone.  Zach is a  recovering athlete that has low confidence and is adjusting to a new prosthetic limb.

The relationship between Vera and Zach is up and down. The book definitely keeps you guessing. If you like romances, this is a great book.

Hugo the Happy Starfish - Magic Words Review


The kids simply love these Hugo the Happy Starfish books. These books teach emotions and feelings.
You can find the children's books at
The latest book read was MAGIC WORDS - HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH.
This book has a great lesson of the magic words "PLEASE" and "THANK YOU".
There are also great colorful illustrations.
The book is also available on amazon. Magic Words

This is a great read for all children.

Born To Run by Ann Hunter

I recently read the book, Born to Run, by Ann Hunter. Here is a link to the Born To Run book on Amazon. 

This was a interesting beginning to a new series! This book has more realistic and conflicted characters than previous books I have read. Alex was by far my favorite character. Looking forward to seeing the next book!